She also shines in the Tuscan Archipelago

Elba Island, a pearl among pearls

The Tuscan Archipelago is a mosaic of islands set in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, each with its unique beauty and history. Legend has it that these islands even grew out of a pearl jewel that belonged to the goddess Venus: as it slipped away, it would have fallen into this corner of the Mediterranean, thankfully for us. 

Elba Island is undoubtedly a gemstone, with its innate charm and people. This is the ideal setting if you are looking for a natural holiday, far from the daily hustle and bustle but also full of opportunities for fun and discovery. 

Elba, a camper's paradise

With its lush Mediterranean scrub, crystal-clear seabed and hidden coves, the Elba Island offers a perfect retreat for camping lovers. Families, couples of all ages and young people can immerse themselves in green paths or relax on secluded beaches, then dive into a sea with its charming transparency. 

Elba Island, land of geology and discoveries

Every corner of Elba tells a fascinating geological story. The variety of its coastline, the grandeur of Monte Capanne and the ancient iron mines tell of an island shaped over millennia. Boarding a train in the mining park will be among children's favourite memories when they return from their holiday. 

However, visiting Elba also means discovering picturesque villages, savouring the local gastronomy and immersing in the traditions of an island that has preserved its historical and natural heritage.

Elba, a crossroads of history and people

Elba's history is an interweaving of dominations and cultures. From Roman times to the days of Napoleon, each era has left its indelible mark. Medieval castles, Napoleonic residences and ancient churches are just some of the historical testimonies that make the island a veritable open-air museum.

Capoliveri and Porto Azzurro, the villages near the Europa campsite

Capoliveri and Porto Azzurro are near the campsite and accessible by public transport.

Capoliveri, perched on a hill, is a jewel overlooking breathtaking scenery. With its narrow streets and squares, this village invites exploring the Elba history and culture in a picturesque setting. The historic centre, with its church of San Michele, and a spiritual place, the Santuario delle Grazie, are worth a visit. To be noticed is the Maritime Museum, where the treasure recovered from the shipwreck of the steamer Polluce is kept.

The village of Capoliveri is made even more beautiful by the colourful murals that adorn the facades of some of the buildings. It hosts various events, such as the traditional 'Legend of “Innamorata” festival on 14 July. Get inspired: check out the beach at Lido di Capoliveri.

The small town of Porto Azzurro is sheltered in the Gulf of Molo, a strategic place used in the past as a stopover on the Tyrrhenian Sea routes. Precisely because of its position, it was contested and harassed in antiquity by the Saracens in Spain and France. 

There is evidence of this history, such as the Fort of San Giacomo and the Sanctuary of Monserrato, probably inspired by the Catalan Sanctuary of Montserrat. The harbour is the beating heart of Porto Azzurro, with its lively atmosphere, colourful boats and buildings, and small restaurants along the shore: it is a perfect place to stroll and enjoy the view.

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