You have sniffed out a pet-friendly campsite

And you have found Camping Europa, on the Island of Elba, a campsite that allows (and loves) animals

For a pleasant stay on the campsite with your dog, let us know when you make your enquiry and reservation that you will bring your four-legged friend. That way, we can prepare to welcome him/her.

An extra €12.00 per night per dog helps us ensure a clean and friendly environment for him and all guests in the village. On departure, the campsite accommodation is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

At the seaside, your dog is welcome on the Island of Elba's public beaches, always on a leash and accompanied. It is essential to pick up your dog's droppings and follow the local rules. A dog beach is also one and a half kilometres from the campsite.    

Even within the campsite, there are a few simple recommendations for a peaceful stay. We are sure that, with such a special friend, you already know that care is part of the adventure of having a dog. 

  • Make sure you always stay close to the animal

  • When walking together, keep him on a leash and keep a muzzle handy

  • A dustpan or bag are your essential tools for keeping the campsite clean

  • Respect other guests' rest and desire for peace and quiet during your holiday

  • Avoid places where dogs should not enter, such as the swimming pool and toilets


With this sea, the tails will undoubtedly sway on the island of Elba!

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